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Underfloor Heating

We can supply only or supply and install underfloor heating under all our flooring products.  We use a new and innovative dual underlay system that facilitates the installation of Leather floor tiles over electric underfloor heating foil kits. Complete kits are available to suit all floor sizes. 

Foil Kit Packaging
The Standard Underfloor Heating Foil Kit contains foil,Therm 200 thermostat, adhesive tape, terminals, connection cables (single-core double- insulated)and flexible conduit pipe. The only additional items needed are Ebisol insulating sheet and the crimping tool. The kit comes in six sizes, one of which is an upgrade kit without a thermostat. The foil is also available by the metre. This option may be chosen if the ready-made kits are not suitable.

Insulatiion sheets are supplied seperately and must be incorporated into the system to direct the heat upwards and to prevent downward heat losses. The foils are laid directly on the insulation and connected together with cables and terminals, using a special crimping tool. Voltage: 230V.

Dual Underlay System
The dual underlay has been designed as a floating floor specifically for use over underfloor heating.  It is a 'floating' board system that enables the installation of most types of resillient floorcoverings including leather floor tiles subject to certain manufacturing and installation criteria - for further information please contact us.

Recommended structure of a floor with HEAT-PAK boards 1 - Floor covering – Leather or Rubber Floor Tiles
2 - 7mm Dual Underlay system      
3 - Vapour barrier – 0.25 mm thick PE foil
4 - UnderFloor Heating Foil Kit
5 - 3mm or 6mm floor insulation sheets
6 - Original floor

The combination of the thermostat with the insulation sheet, the foil and the dual underlay gives a very fast-acting and energy-efficient system.

Complete Kit Sizes Article Width Area Length
E 89 606 40  Foil Kit 43 cm max 6 m² 13,5 m
E 89 606 42  Foil Kit 43 cm 6-8 m² 18 m
E 89 606 44  Foil Kit 43 cm 8-10 m² 22,5
E 89 606 46  Foil Kit 43 cm 10-12 m² 27 m
E 89 606 48  Foil Kit 43 cm 12-14 m² 31,5 m
E 89 606 50 Compl.kit for areas > 14m² 43 cm 10 m² 22,5 m

For further advice, cost estimates and technical information on the use of underfloor heating with leather flooring please call or use our enquiry form giving us as much information as possible about your flooring project and we'll be pleased to help.