Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms require a floor covering that can withstand all manner of splashes, spills and that usually includes all sorts of chemicals.

The Natura Leather Tiles are suitable for use in Kitchens and Bathrooms due to the manufacturing process and high quality finish.  Every Natura order is supplied with a certificate guaranteeing resistance to moisture for up to 72 hours and resistance to abrasion and colour fastness.

In my long experience the best floors are those that quietly do their job without needing constant specialist attention. You need to be totally confident that the floor you choose can cope with everything you throw at it and will still retain its style and good looks over a very long period of time. Following numerous enquiries for recommendations for suitable Leather floor coverings for these areas I have pleasure in recommending our Natura Marine Standard leather tiles - use commercial and domestic areas where extremely heavy wear, resistance to spills and ease of maintenance are of high priority – my recommendation for kitchens and bathrooms - but please be aware that Natura leather tiles are water resistant but not recommended for areas that are subject to continuous water spillages or directly in front of showers etc... contact us for advice and information

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