Natura – our exclusive range of Wall and Floor Tiles

The Leather Tiles are produced in Italy by Certaldese Creative Leather where tradition and innovation combines to create outstanding quality leather. Certaldese named the floor and wall leathers ‘Natura’ to reflect their research, commitment to tradition, innovation, and dedication to quality and values by producing a leather that is technologically advanced and yet fully respects the environment.

Italy has an ancient tradition of leather hide floor coverings, an example can be found at Palazzo Mirto (Palermo late 700AD) the house of Lanza Filangeri’s Princes, where you will find a smoking lounge with leather flooring and leather decorated wallcoverings. Leather was used in the past due to its smoke-proof feature – Leather does not absorb smoke!

Natura Leather Tiles are made from 100% Full Natural Grain  Leather, vegetable tanned using tree bark and carefully selected bovine (cow) hides.

The European Hides from which they are made are tanned gradually, finished with water repellent vegetable oils and then treated using highly ecological substances and production processes. Only the central part of the hide is used ensuring uniiformity of thickness and the strongest fibres.

Leather – “a feeling of warmth and sensuality that no other flooring can create”

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SuperYacht Design - Features - Natura

By Angela Audretsch. Jun 28, 2011

Leather is one of nature’s super materials it is cool in summer and warm in winter, it provides insulation, it is breathable and it only gets better with age. Thanks to modern treatments, leather can be used extensively in yacht design in for anything from upholstery to door handles. British flooring expert Jim Breen has been in the flooring industry since the 70s and now specialises in leather flooring and tiling. Here he tells SYD about this ancient material and the Natura range of leather tiles.  See More

Performance Certification

Certaldese believe the use of leather as a covering for floors and walls requires special, guaranteed performance levels. This is why Natura Leather Tiles are accompanied by complete and unquestionable certification. The test report issued provides proof of Hydrostatic Permeability up to 72 Hours, resistance to moisture, resistance of colour to rubbing and resistance to abrasion. The performance certification system is in place to enable you to specify Natura leather tiles with absolute confidence for all Luxury Commercial, Residential and Marine projects.

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Natura leather tiles combine a multitude of outstanding qualities, backed by creativity, innovation, manufacturing and installation expertise to turn great design ideas into outstanding interiors.

Leather has been used by man from time immemorial to provide warmth, comfort, protection as a material for clothing and as coverings in dwellings. Leather has evolved with man being used continuously as a desirable and luxurious material covering all areas of our lives. Leather is once again being used as a premium quality wall and floor covering due to its natural inherent qualities that include:

  • Excellent Sound Absorbtion 
  • Naturally Fire Retardent
  • Comfort underfoot 
  • Non Heat Sensitive – fresh in Summer, yet warm to the touch in Winter
  • Ease of maintenance 
  • Non Absorbtion of smoke
  • Wonderful rich aroma
  • Stain-free surface treatment guarantees up to 72 hours Water Resistance

Standard Colours & Sizes




Tile Sizes: 100 x 100mm / 200 x 200mm / 300 x 300mm / 400 x 400mm / 500 x 500mm
100 x 200mm / 150 x 300mm / 300 x 450mm / 300 x 100mm / 300 x 200mm
250 x 600mm / 700 x 100mm / 600 x 400mm / 500 x 700mm / 700 x 1000mm
700 x 1100mm
Residential and Commercial use.

6-8 weeks from order

The Natura Leather Bespoke Design Service

Custom-Dyed Colours – colour-trial sampling to your exact specification
Embossed Patterns – Crocodile / Snake / lizard, etc, samples on request.
Natura Leather Rugs – create unique, elegant sophisticated leather rugs any design or size.
Laser Printing – special patterns or designs can be printed on the leather prior to finishing.
Special sizes – up to 1000 x 700mm maximum, tiles can be cut to your precise requirements.
Feature Strips and Inset Borders – patterned or contrast colour/design/shape… it’s your call.
Special Design Feature Inserts
– we can digitally cut any shape from CAD Drawings.
Logo Inserts – special colours / shapes / lettering / printed / embossed.
Contrast Colour Edge finishing detail – accentuate shapes, designs create stunning contrast.
Custom Installation
- Layout and Design to client’s specification.

Our bespoke leather design and consultancy service is primarily in place to offer professional advice and expertise to clients at the initial concept stage of their projects. Besides offering solutions for quality, colours, design etc, we can advise on all stages or the leather installation, from specification right through to completion and handover.  

Our service includes a pre-specification report that will provide recommendations on suitability of product, subfloor or wall preparation, installation layout and design, future maintenance, and will highlight any installation or usage issues that may not be apparent at such an early stage of a project.

Availability: Approximately 8 – 12 weeks for Custom Colour and Designs